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Why Flea and Tick Prevention in Lake Charles Is So Important


Fleas and ticks aren’t just annoying. They’re detrimental to your pet’s and family’s health, too. Ticks are well-known for carrying Lyme Disease, but they also carry other diseases. And fleas can transmit tapeworm to your furry friend. Yuck! 

At Country Club Veterinary Clinic, we strongly recommend keeping your pet on an effective preventative all year long. We offer flea and tick prevention in Lake Charles and are here to help your dog or cat live a healthy, itch-free life. Keep reading to learn why flea and tick prevention is so important. 

The Importance of Prevention

Preventing a problem is usually much easier than solving one. This is true in many situations, but it’s especially true when it comes to dealing with fleas and ticks. Once established, infestations on pets and in homes are extremely difficult to eliminate. Even if you remove the parasites from your furry friend, there will still be fleas and eggs (which live up to 10 days) living in your carpet and furniture. Overcoming a major infestation can take months while preventing one takes just a few moments each month. 

Flea and tick prevention is vital to your companion’s health, too. As mentioned above, these pests carry several diseases and parasites. They also make pets more susceptible to fur loss and secondary skin infections caused by excessive scratching. 

Flea and Tick Prevention in Lake Charles

If you are looking for safe, effective flea and tick prevention in Lake Charles, you’re in the right place! Before going to the grocery store and buying products that may not be safe, purchase your furry friend’s medication directly from us. We’ll also help you understand how to use flea and tick products safely. Our team can help with flea and tick control, too. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.


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