Please Check all That Apply
Normal Increased Decreased
Normal Increased Decreased
Loss Gain Stable
Normal Increased Decreased
Soft Normal Constipated Diarrhea
Patchy Generalized
Normal Increased Decreased Straining Incontinence Discolored Urine




Please Check All That Apply

After Sleeping After Exercising Climbing Stairs Stiffness Scooting on Rear Shaking Head Bad Breath
Vomiting Coughing Sneezing Gagging Listless Signs of Weakness
Lameness Scratching Lumps or Bumps Discharge Behavioral Changes

**There Will Be An Additional Charge For Sedation, Bloodwork, XRays, And Any Other Test Or Treatment Performed**

By checking this box i agree that i am the owner/agent for described animal, authorize, and request an exam for my pet. I understand that sedation and/or pain medication will be provided if deemed reasonable. I understand the doctor will contact me after she has examined by my pet to discuss recommended diagnostics and treatment, and will have an initial estimate of charges. I can be reached at the provided number on this form. If I cannot be reached at this number, I authorize initial diagnostics, incluiding xrays and blood work if indicated for my pet. Further, if I cannot be reached, I authorize initial treatment, including fluid support and support and other supportive medications be started as indicated for my pet. I authorize anesthesia, surgery and medications if needed for abscess, laceration or other wounds, if my pet is presented for one of these problems (please fill out additional consent forms). I understand, and accept that when anesthesia is involved, there are always inherent risks, including death. I understand payment is due when my pet is discharged, however, a deposit may be required after an estimate is prepared and discussed. I accept full financial responsibility of charges incurred for this pet. I understand that I will be charged for flea medication and a dose will be applied if evidence of fleas is found on my pet today.


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