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Emergency Vet in Lake Charles Advices About the Signs of a Pet Emergency


Your pet could require emergency veterinary care at any given time of day or night. They may undergo trauma due to an accidental fall, stroke, insect sting, choking, or any other unexpected disaster. In such instances, it’s crucial to be proactive as even a split second delay in reacting to medical emergencies may prove costly for your furry pal. As your dependable emergency vet in Lake Charles, we assist pet parents in making wise decisions under pressure.



To begin with, the Country Club Vet experts acquaint you with visible signs that indicate your pet needs emergency care:

  •         Uncontrolled bleeding
  •         Inability to walk
  •         State of unconsciousness
  •         Difficulty in breathing
  •         Swollen abdomen
  •         Dilated pupils
  •         Injury to the eye
  •         Inability to defecate or urinate


When your pet displays any of the above symptoms, immediately reach out to our specialized emergency vet in Lake Charles.


For your easy reference, we are outlining the essential practices in the event of a pet emergency:


Approach the Animal with Caution

Do not expect a dog or cat experiencing excruciating pain to remain calm. They tend to display aggression and misinterpret even the owner's good intentions. We advise you to muzzle your agitated four-legged companion to safeguard all who come close.

Perform Basic First Aid

Administering first aid helps to stabilize your best mate to endure the trip to our clinic. To stop any external bleeding, hold a clean gauze pad, and apply pressure to the injured area. In the case of a spinal injury, gently support the head, neck, and back while moving your pet.

Following Up with An Emergency Vet in Lake Charles 

Your pet may be choking because of a foreign object stuck in their mouth, which hampers their breathing. If your distressed mate cooperates, attempt to pull out the blockage with your hands. Where you sense danger, please leave it to our pros. At the earliest, transport your pet needing emergency care to our clinic for the appropriate treatment. After examination, our veterinarians will update you on the prevailing condition of your furry pal and discuss our action plans. Keep our contact numbers handy, so you can consult our experienced professionals and inform us about bringing your pet for treatment.



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